Our Story



This ain’t no namby-pamby waterin’ hole that ain’t worth a hill of beans. This is a rootin’ tootin’, six-shootin’, all horns out for the charge, full on thoroughbred of a fandango deliverin’ yeehah bar! That’s right, the whole ‘dam’ kit and caboodle.

Be expectin’ good whiskey, good times and more crazy shindigs than you can crack a whip at – a holdup where you can get your wiggle oaan ‘til the crack-a-dawn.

Ladies put on your fancy duds for the good lookin’ studs, cowboys polish dem boots to impress dem pursuits. Make sure all ya’ll mosey on over for a shindig with us soon – we’re always aimin’ to please so get us on the ringer on 020 7590 3609 or send us some smoke signals on