Hoedown Showreal

->> ★ Chuck Wagon Video ★ <<-

Before Christmas the Beaver Lodge team paraded around West London with our own chuck wagon. Along the way we bumped into Bernie Eccleston! Check out the video here:

Chuck Waggon Video

->> Beaver Lodge Unveiled <<-


->> Buddy the Beaver in the Big Smoke <<-

Check out Buddy the Beaver’s first trip around London!

Buddy the Beaver in the Big Smoke

->> Researching Beaver Lodge <<-

One of our cowboy’s Jamie Wild was sent to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to get some first hand knowledge in preparation for Beaver Lodge opening this December. Here is what he found:

Researching Beaver Lodge copy

->> Horseback Invitation Delivery <<-

One of our cowgirl’s was out on horseback delivering invitations to to press and VIP’s for the opening of Beaver Lodge. Check out the video below: